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TSCA Reform: What’s next? (Webinar)

tsca reform webinar ehs red-on-line

On july 26th Red On Line presented a webinar about the TSCA reform.

TSCA was intended to be one of the foundational environmental laws. In this webinar Philip Pulitzer, our Regional Manager in North America explained in detail the TSCA reform with background information and key facts, as well as different reasons why a change was needed. The webinar focused on the chemical uses, corporate obligations and how to prepare for the new rule.

For more information about this webinar review the presentation here:

[slideshare id=69296764&doc=tscareform200716-161119134558]

Webinar: TSCA reform from Red-on-line

This webinar is part of a series of online events Red On Line is having throughout this year and the next, to inform and keep professionals up to date with the most important EHS information.

To know about our next webinar, click here.

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