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OSHA’s Updated Silica Dust Rule (Webinar)

osha silica dust rule webinar

On october 12th Red On Line presented, through an interactive session, the latest information regarding the OSHA’s Updated Silica Dust Rule.

In this webinar, Philip Pulitzer, our Regional Manager in North America explained in detail the applicability of this rule through a brief introduction about what is Silica Dust and how the Rule applies. He emphasized on why a regulation is needed and presented the updated standards in the different industries and a timeline of compliance.

For more information about this webinar review the presentation here:

[slideshare id=69296673&doc=oshassilicarule121016-161119134039]
Webinar: OSHA’s Updated Silica Dust Rule from Red-on-line
This webinar is part of a series of online events Red On Line is having throughout this year and the next, to inform and keep professionals up to date with the most important EHS information. To know about our next webinar, click here.   Red-on-line regulatory monitorin service

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