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UK | COVID-19 | The Health and Safety Executive provides guidance on adapting to COVID-19 in the workplace

The HSE published different guidances in the past week on adapting workplace safety during the Covid-19 outbreak. It published information on First Aid requirements with limited staff on site and DSE for temporary work from home. Importantly it also released information on social distancing in the workplace. On First Aid coverage, the HSE advises to assess the number of people present on site and the risk level of the activity. If necessary, higher risk could be stopped. Another solution may be to share first aid cover with another buisness. Find more details here: First aid cover and qualifications during coronavirus (COVID-19) In terms of DSE for temporary work from home, the HSE put on line this video explaining proper DSE and gives suggestion on how to adapt this for a home office. You can find this and more on how to support your team when working remotely here: Protect home workers The UK government has encouraged social distancing to reduse the risk of transmission of COVID 19. Following this advise, the HSE compiled information on how to implement this in the workplace. Find more here: Social distancing, keeping businesses open and in-work activities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Source: From the Health and Safety Executive: If you wish to receive a personalised legal watch and dedicated legal support relevant to your business activity and its country of operation, please get in touch with us now. Contact us! 

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