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UK | COVID-19 | Guidance from Government to help businesses support employees during Covid-19

Government departments across the board continue to provide information to help protect and support employees during Covid-19
Resources to help support employees during the pandemic have been made available on diverse topics by officials and others:
  • RPEs Fitting: The Health and Safety Executive issues additional guidance on fitting RPEs during Covid-19. More details, including links to videos here. For more on PPEs generally, find the government PPE hub here
  • Mental Health: The UK Government highlighted accessible resources on mental health support for employees, available here
The UK government has also launched a business support finder tool, focused on available fiancial resources. More information here Additionally Scotland and Wales put out more information on Social Distancing in the Workplace.
Sources: Join our LinkedIn discussion group, COVID-19 HSE Red-on-line Experts Forum, to share your experiences and best practices relative to the novel coronavirus with fellow EHS professionals and the Red-on-line team.

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