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Brexit: Decoding Post-Transition EHS Regulatory Changes

Brexit Video
Are you responsible for the Environmental Health and Safety Compliance in your organisation? Are you wondering what short or long-term EHS regulatory changes are to be expected in the UK when the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December?  Our legal experts have been closely monitoring the UK’s EHS regulatory landscape, helping businesses and EHS Leaders to identify and anticipate regulatory changes that may cause potential disruptions to their operations post-transition.  Watch this  50-minute video where we’ll examine the critical EHS regulations that may pose challenges to UK businesses and their client/supplier across the channel. 
In this video  you will uncover:  
  • The changes in the environment, health and safety landscape after the Brexit transition period 
  • The repeal bill: What will change and what will remain the same post-Brexit 
  • EHS Regulations: Impact on air, sea, rail and road transport 
  • Transportation of hazardous materials  
  • How to mitigate post-Brexit regulatory risks and achieve a smooth transition 
 Presented by   David maggs David Maggs  EHS Consultant     

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