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US | COVID-19 | Live Chat: How to Safeguard Your Employees and Your Business

William Dab Coronavirus COVID-19 Webinar
William Dab Coronavirus COVID-19 Webinar  

How Are You Dealing with the Challenges of COVID-19?

  • Are you doing everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees?
  • Does your organization have a plan that tackles the short and long-term effects of COVID-19 on your business?
  • Do you know how local EHS regulatory compliance is impacted by a global pandemic?
In times like these, it’s important to learn what others are doing and to get clear, objective insights from a trusted source. Please join our 1-hour live chat with Professor William Dab, an epidemiology expert with a global perspective on risk management and occupational health and safety.

Register Now!

As soon as you register, gather your questions and colleagues and get ready to share your experiences with the group! We look forward to having you join the call on Wednesday, April 1st at 10:00 AM EDT! ____________________ William Dab | Epidemiologist, CNAM Health & Safety Chair As a professor and Health and Safety Chair at CNAM (National Conservatory for Arts and Trades) in France, where he trains specialists in occupational health and environmental risks. As a doctor, he specializes in epidemiology. His career has been entirely devoted to health and safety and includes developing tools for risk assessment, monitoring, and management. As a former Director-General of Health, he was a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Committee and was Chairman of the European Environment and Health Committee for the WHO European Region.

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