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EHS Regulatory Compliance and Monitoring

EHS regulatory information: a decision-making tool

Red-on-line are experts in the collection, analysis and distribution of the latest regulatory information, applicable to your activities, with a presence in more than 85 countries.

Key strengths

A reference system which identifies the regulations and requirements applicable in more than 85 countries.

Initial regulatory benchmarking follows the same process in all countries: site visits, review of documentation and business questionnaires. This process is carried out locally by EHS experts who understand the specific country’s regulations, to ensure compliance.

Ongoing regulatory monitoring

The EHS experts at Red-on-line consistently collect and analyze the latest regulatory information, in order to highlight the changes that will specifically impact your organization, based on your regulatory reference system. Ongoing monitoring allows you to understand, anticipate and apply these ever-changing regulations.

An expert by your side, to make compliance a breeze.

Red-on-line offers an array of tools to facilitate your compliance projects, including legal assistance, regulatory monitoring committees and compliance audits.

Features to simplify your compliance management

All-in-One by Red-on-line: a comprehensive and global solution.

The latest and most relevant regulatory content, specific to your organization.

Expert support, customized to your needs and location.

A scalable and secure SaaS platform.

How can All-in-One by Red-on-line improve your EHS management?

Speak with a Red-on-line expert today.

Today, we move forward with reliable data to make informed decisions, to modernize our facilities as well as our investments.

Stéphane V.

Head of Global Supply Chain Safety for ECOLAB EMEA


Marielle Lascaud

Production director

25 year’s experience



Broadly speaking, test processes and continue to improve them for even more efficiency.


The challenge is to continue to provide innovative solutions by combining the three strengths of Red-on-line: solutions – content – expertise.

My role

Train, support, organize, challenge.

Abderraman El Hachem

EHS lawyer

10  year’s experience



I lead the team of legal consultants who cover all the regulations in Spain and I also maintain the legal database.


One of the strengths of Red-on-line is its global presence, to have local contacts everywhere, which allows us to have continuous business growth.

Mon rôle

Manage, analyze, assist, coordinate. 

Lawyers, engineers, project managers.. our global team consists of 250 experts.

Three modules to improve your regulatory compliance

Occupational Risk Assessments

A complete, on-site occupational risk assessment solution to anticipate and prevent potential incidents.

The benefit:
Expert support and recommendations for better risk management.

Learn more

Incident Management

Incident tracking and analysis, to enable continuous improvement following any on-site event. Monitor both corrective and preventive action plans.

The benefit:
Increased responsiveness leading to improved performance.

Learn more

Audits and Inspections

Plan and conduct audits and share the results.

The benefit:
Receive support to facilitate continuous improvement and optimize processes using data insights.

Learn more

Trusted by over 2,000 world-leading corporations.


Today, we move forward with reliable data to make informed decisions, to modernize our facilities as well as our investments.

Stéphane V.

Head of Global Supply Chain Safety for ECOLAB EMEA

Single-site, multi-site or international, our solution adapts to every client.


One powerful solution adapted to the needs of each client.

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