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Incident and Event Management software (EHS)

Three steps to improved performance: declare, assess, analyze.

The reporting and analysis of incidents and accidents are key components in optimizing risk prevention. Learnings gathered from the analysis of errors allows organizations to implement strategies to reduce risk. Red-on-line offers an intuitive platform, which facilitates the reporting and change management processes for EHS managers.

Key strengths

Create a culture of risk management

Allow employees to declare risks on-the-go via the All-in-One platform. The ease of use and mobility of the software is key to reducing occupational risks in the workplace.

Simplified, centralized EHS risk management

Consolidate all your EHS processes and data in one platform to manage and access from any location: incident and risk management, near misses, complaints, analysis and evidence. Follow the evolution of your actions in your dashboard and generate comprehensive and customizable EHS reports.

Change management: the key to success

Of all the modules, Incident Management requires the most widespread cooperation in order to make an impact (managers and operators, EHS managers, senior management). Red-on-line’s experts are here to listen and guide you through the training, communication and implementation processes to ensure the success of your EHS projects.

Features to simplify your incident management

All-in-One by Red-on-line: a comprehensive and global solution

The latest and most relevant regulatory content,specific to your organization.

Expert support, customized to your needs and location.

A scalable and secure SaaS platform.

How can All-in-One by Red-on-line improve your EHS management?

Speak with a Red-on-line expert today.

The tool is simple, intuitive. It can be used by all employees, which facilitates their participation in risk prevention. This aligns with the idea that prevention is everyone’s business.

William Dab

Physician, Epidemiologist, Professor Emeritus of the CNAM


Xavier Guyenne

Product Owner




See the team’s efforts rewarded by their achievements and the customers’ satisfaction when they see the product’s effectiveness.


In general, between the optimization of the modules, which are becoming ultra-efficient and their interconnected design, we have a strong foundation to address international markets

My role

Improve, design, plan, manage.

François-Cyril Bourse

Product Owner




Prioritization and coordination of different subjects to manage them according to the rhythm, it’s close to a dance sequence when I think about it.


If Red-on-line continues with this dynamic of international expansion, it is a safe bet that we will remain one of the market leaders in the coming years.

My role

Manage, assist, train, contribute.

Lawyers, engineers, project managers.. our global team consists of 250 experts.

Three modules to improve your incident management


Gather and consolidate your data in a report for a clear vision of your organization’s risks and environmental impact.

The benefit:
EHS and ESG management that is efficient, trustworthy and clear.

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Occupational Risk Assessments

A complete, on-site occupational risk assessment solution to anticipate and prevent potential incidents.

The benefit:
Expert support and recommendations for better risk management.

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Environmental Risk Assessments

A complete, on-site environmental risk assessment, in order to anticipate and prevent potential incidents relating to your business activities.

The benefit:
Expert support and recommendations for better risk management.

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Trusted by over 2,000 world-leading corporations.


Today, we move forward with reliable data to make informed decisions, to modernize our facilities as well as our investments.

Stéphane V.

Head of Global Supply Chain Safety for ECOLAB EMEA

Single-site, multi-site or international, our solution adapts to every client.


One powerful solution adapted to the needs of each client.

A well- conducted multi-site monitoring and compliance project : Case study Nestlé Switzerland

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AB Mauri, an operating business of Associated British Foods and a global manufacturer of yeast and bakery products had a…

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Like Ecolab, achieve a 90% compliance progression rate

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