OSHA Releases Enforcement Guidance for the Rope Descent System Anchorage Requirements of the GI Walking-Working Surfaces Rule

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released a November 20, 2017 memorandum sent to regional administrators regarding enforcement of the Rope Descent System (RDS) anchorage requirements of the General Industry Walking-Working Surfaces rule. The rule, which was published on November 18, 2016 and became effective on January 17, 2017, gave employers until November 20, 2017 to comply with its requirement that all RDS anchorages be inspected, tested, and certified before they are used by any worker. In the memorandum, OSHA states that additional time will be given to comply with that requirement, so long as employers and building owners can demonstrate and document that they are exercising due diligence to come into compliance with the standard’s requirements.


Occupational Health and Safety Administration Memorandum for Regional Administrators, “Enforcement Guidance for General Industry Rope Descent System (RDS) Anchorage Requirements (29 CFR 1910.27(b)(1))”, Nov. 20, 2017, https://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=INTERPRETATIONS&p_id=31469.