Further Clarification of Cranes and Derricks Construction Standard

OSHA issues interpretation letter clarifying when the cranes and derricks construction standard applies to the delivery of precast concrete components

In an interpretation letter dated July 28, 2016, OSHA clarified when the construction standard for cranes and derricks applies to the delivery of precast concrete components.


In a previous letter, dated February 26, 2013 OSHA stated that placing a burial vault in an excavation is not considered a construction activity. However, unlike when delivering a burial vault, when truck cranes are used to deliver precast components to a designated staging or storage area, the construction standard applies.

A staging area is considered part of a construction site when the unloading and handling of the materials within the staging area is integral to a construction activity being performed. When placing the precast components in a particular sequence for hoisting, they are being stored or staged for a construction activity.
Sources :

OSHA, Interpretation letter, Application of construction crane standard when handling precast components[1926.1400(c)(17)(i)], July 28, 2016


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