Update of ISO 25745 on the energy performance standards of lifts, escalators and moving walks [INTL]

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published online the updated version of ISO 25745-3:2015 (Energy performance of lifts, escalators and moving walks) in April 2015.

What parts of this ISO standard are concerned by the update?

The update concerns part 2 – Energy calculation and classification for lifts (elevators) – and part 3 – Energy calculation and classification of escalators and moving walks – of the ISO standard.

What method for calculating part 2 of the ISO 25745 standard ?

The calculation method established in Part 2 of the standard will allow to calculate the energy consumption of elevators and passenger lifts with a nominal value of 0.15 m / s.

To note, the two calculation methods only take into account the energy performance during the operational period of the life cycles of elevators, escalators and moving walkways.


Regulatory Reminder on energy efficiency ISO Standards

As a reminder, in a press release issued on 16 December 2014, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced the publication of three new standards in relation to energy efficiency:

  • ISO 50004:2014 (setting out guidance for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an energy management system),
  • ISO 50006:2014 (establishing general principles and guidance  for measuring energy performance using energy baselines (EnB) and energy performance indicators (EnPI)),
  • ISO 50015:2014 (setting out general principles and guidance for the measurement and verification of energy performance of organizations).

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