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UK: Greening Government ICT 2017 Annual Report

On 30th August 2018 the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has published ‘Greening government ICT: 2017 annual report’. This report is setting out the progress government departments have made in making their digital services and technologies more sustainable. The government set up its Green ICT Delivery Unit (GDU) in 2009 and launched its first Greening Government ICT Strategy in 2011 with a commitment to report transparently. The Green ICT Delivery Unit (GDU) is a light touch virtual organisation which identifies and shares best practice across all departments, and provides a good example of cross-government collaboration. The GDU also reaches out to the UK ICT industry, through organisations such as TechUK, JISC (Joint Information Services Committee for Higher Education) and the BCS (British Computer Society), working together to identify opportunities and pushing for continuous improvement in reducing the sustainability impacts of digital services and technologies. This annual report continues the assessment of government digital services and technologies using requirements set out in the Greening Government ICT strategy. The report shows the progress UK government departments are making to reduce their impacts on the environment. It includes case studies on how individual organisations are adopting best practice. The report also broadly sets out the direction for developing the 2020 Greening Government Technology Strategy. Source: Corporate report – Greening government ICT: 2017 annual report, published on the Government webpage on 30th August 2018.

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