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UK REACH Regime for Great Britain and Northern Ireland businesses

UK REACH is part of the UK’s chemicals regulatory regime. Companies that supply and purchase substances, mixtures or articles to and from the EU/EEA/Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) will need to ensure that the relevant duties are met under both UK and EU REACH. In a word, If you sell or distribute chemicals in the UK and the EU, you’ll need to follow both UK REACH and EU REACH rules.
UK REACH for NI businesses
  • NI businesses moving goods to and from the EU can continue to use EU REACH.
  • NI businesses who are GB importers need to submit some information on the substances they source from NI in quantities of one tonne or more. They must submit this information within 300 days of the end of the transition period.
UK REACH for GB businesses
Under UK REACH, manufacturers and importers must register chemicals that access the GB market. You must review your:
  • role in the EU REACH system
  • role in the UK REACH system
  • your current supply chains
If you are a GB business:​
  • Holding EU REACH registration, you need to “grandfathering” the registration into the UK REACH regime with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) by 30 April 2021.​
  • Who are downstream users and currently importing chemicals from an EU or EEA country, need to ensure the substances they purchase are covered by a valid UK REACH registration.​
Summary: Who should apply for UK REACH
  • GB-based companies that manufacture in or import substances into GB in quantities of 1 tonne per year or greater.​
  • GB-based companies that had submitted a registration dossier to ECHA via REACH-IT but did not receive a registration number prior to the date of Exit.​​
  • EU-based companies intending to appoint a GB-based Only Representative (OR) to take on the registration responsibilities of GB-based importers.​​
Applying for a UK REACH Authorisation
  • If you applied to EU REACH authorisation before the latest application dates (LADs), but were not granted the authorisation before the transition period ends, you may have extended LADs to apply under UK REACH.​
  • The process for applying for authorisation under UK REACH is very similar to the EU process and much of the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) guidance and templates can be used.​
  • If you think you need to apply for UK REACH authorisation, you can contact the Agency to notify your intention at ukreach.authorisation@hse.gov.uk, using the subject “notification of intention to submit an application for authorisation”.​
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