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UK: Guidance on fire prevention plans –

On 4th of May 2018, the Environment Agency has published the updated version of the Guidance on fire prevention plans. The Guidance describes what to include in a fire prevention plan and the fire prevention measures that must be put in place. A facility must use this guide to make a fire prevention plan if it is storing combustible wastes at sites where it has a permit. The fire prevention measures in this guidance have been designed to meet the following 3 objectives:
  • minimise the likelihood of a fire happening
  • aim for a fire to be extinguished within 4 hours
  • minimise the spread of fire within the site and to neighbouring sites
If the facility submits a plan which includes all of the measures in this guidance, the Environment Agency is likely to approve the plan. However, the facility can discuss other fire prevention measures with the Environment Agency. Other measures can be proposed:
  • alternative fire prevention measures – if the facility can demonstrate it will still meet the 3 objectives
  • the facility does not need to extinguish a fire within 4 hours at its site, for example because it is not close to sensitive receptors – but it must still meet the other 2 fire prevention objectives
If the facility does not put in place and use fire prevention measures, the Environment Agency may take enforcement action. The Contents of the Guidance are the following:
  • Fire prevention objectives
  • Who this guidance applies to
  • Who this guidance does not apply to
  • Types of combustible waste
  • Using your fire prevention plan
  • Fire prevention plan contents
  • Manage common causes of fire
  • Prevent self-combustion
  • Manage waste piles
  • Where maximum pile sizes do not apply
  • Prevent fire spreading
  • Quarantine area
  • Detecting fires
  • Suppressing fires
  • Firefighting techniques
  • Water supplies
  • Managing fire water
  • During and after an incident
  • Submit your fire prevention plan
Source: Guidance – Fire prevention plans: environmental permits, published on the Government webpage on 4th of May 2018.

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