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UK: The Environment Agency has published the guidance on packaging waste –

On 12th September 2018, the Environment Agency has published the ‘Guidance on Packaging waste: producer responsibilities’. This Guidance explains how obligated packaging producers must register and meet their waste packaging recycling and recovery responsibilities. If the facility produces or uses packaging, or sells packaged goods, it may be classed as an obligated packaging producer. Obligated packaging producers must follow rules which help to:
  • reduce the amount of packaging produced in the first place
  • reduce how much packaging waste goes to landfill
  • increase the amount of packaging waste that’s recycled and recovered
These are in addition to waste duty of care rules all businesses must follow. The facility is an ‘obligated’ packaging producer if it, or a group of companies is part of, handled 50 tonnes of packaging materials or packaging in the previous calendar year. And it has a turnover of more than £2 million a year (based on the last financial year’s accounts). Every year an obligated packaging producer must:
  • register as a packaging producer by 7 April
  • meet their recovery and recycling obligation
  • obtain evidence of compliance
  • submit a certificate of compliance (CoC) by 31 January the following year
Source: Guidance – Packaging waste: producer responsibilities, published on 12th September 2018.

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