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UK | COVID-19 | The Health and Safety Executive outlines areas of priority coverage during the outbreak

As the Covid-19 outbreak requires unprecedented changes in activity, the HSE explained how they would continue to regulate health and safety during the outbreak. They have also outlined how regulation of chemicals would be arranged at this time. Given the situation, the HSE will take a more flexible approach taking proportionate action based on risk. Much of their own staff will also be adapting to the necessity of remote work, transitioning to teleconferencing and other online tools to continue in their roles. Inspectors and Staff remain available at this time. If necessary, site visits may still be required if to confirm that hazards are effectively managed. In this case, social distancing would be required. Full details on the activities of the HSE during the outbreak here: Regulating occupational health and safety during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak The HSE has also outlined arrangements taken for the regulation of chemicals at this time. These precisions affect:
  • Plant protection products
  • Biocidal Products
  • PIC
  • REACH and CLP
You can find them here: Arrangements for regulation of chemicals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Source: The Health and Safety Executive 2020: If you wish to receive a personalised legal watch and dedicated legal support relevant to your business activity and its country of operation, please get in touch with us now. Contact us! 

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