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On-demand Webinar: OH&S Guidance for Keeping Your Workplace COVID Secure

COVID Secure Workplace The pandemic has forced businesses to make practical adjustments to the site and workforce to keep them COVID secure. Health and safety practitionerstherefore, play an increasingly important role in minimising the potential physical and mental health risks to employees as they adjust to the changes in their working environment introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. This video will examine the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19 on occupational health and safety systems and its implications for the safety of employees. We will also explore some practical solutions to challenges faced by health and safety practitioners.
In this video, we will discuss:
  • The role of health & safety practitioners in maintaining a COVID safe workplace
  • People, workplace, and plant and equipment safety
  • Workplace safety systems – health and safety management systems, control of contractors
  • Anticipating the future of OH&S
  • Regulatory changes

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