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Ireland: The Health and Safety Authority Publishes a New Code of Practice on Prevention and Resolution of Bullying in the Workplace

Workplace bullying
Co-developed by the HSA and the Workplace Relations Commission and formally adopted by SI 674 of 2020, the Code of Practice offers guidance to understand and manage instances of bullying in the workplace. Detailing the definition of bullying in the workplace as well as types of incidents which fall under the legal definition of bullying, the code of practice offers concrete advice on responding to such instances and avenues for prevention.
The document is divided into six distinct but interdependent sections going through:
  • aims (Section 1),
  • definitions (Section 2),
  • preventative measures (Section 3),
  • responses in the workplace (Section 4),
  • formal processes (Section 5), and
  • the respective roles of governmental entities (HSA/WRC/IHREC) (Section 6)
Additionally, Appendix 1 focuses on how to establish an Anti-bullying Policy in your company. Find the full Code of Practice here

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