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Ireland | COVID-19 | New Checklists from NSAI and Covid-19 Passenger Locator Forms Introduced

Keep up with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 regulatory landscape with Red-on-line COVID-19 legal watch. Red-on-line’s EHS legal experts track and evaluate the latest COVID-19 regulations and guidance from around the world daily.
Following the implementation of the first phase of the Roadmap to Reopen on the 18th of May 2020, the Irish government and Parliament continue to address risks linked to Covid-19. The Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form is mandatory from 28 May 2020. The Department of Health and the National Standards Authority also continue to make resources available to businesses and individuals.
Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form The Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form, implemented by S.I. 181 of 2020, will have to be completed from the 28 May 2020 by all entering Ireland. To note, international transport workers will be exempted, as will passengers ariving from Northern Ireland. The form is available here. These measures are in place until the 18 June 2020. NSAI Documents for Businesses The National Standards Authority of Ireland has made available a number of helpful documents for businesses, including a questionnaire for visitors and a workplace defense checklist. Department of Health Guidance on Face Coverings More guidance on face coverings has been made available by the Deparment of Health, though they are not mandatory. Find the complete information here For more Covid-19 guidance, see the latest alert linked below.

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