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Guidance on setting up a climate change agreement (CCA) –

On 1st November 2018 the Environment Agency has published the updated version of the Guidance on setting up a climate change agreement. This Guidance explains how to apply for a climate change agreement (CCA), information that is needed to provide when a company applies, and charges it will need to pay. The CCA scheme closed to new entrant facilities on 31 October 2018. A company can still submit change of ownership applications for a facility that’s part of a current agreement. It can only add facilities undergoing a change of ownership to a new underlying agreement. The Contents of the Guidance are the following:
  • CCA application process summary
  • CCA guidance document and application forms
  • CCA application approval
  • CCA charges
  • Paying CCA charges
  • CCA further guidance
Source: Guidance – Setting up a climate change agreement (CCA), published on 1st November 2018.

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