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EPA publishes guidance for management of hazardous construction and demolition waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have published a new guidance document ‘Guidelines for the identification and proper management of hazardous fractions in construction and demolition waste’ to assist those responsible for managing waste to adhere to best practices. The guidance is part of the EPA’s National Hazardous Waste Management Plan which sets out a six-year plan to protect the environment and human health from hazardous waste.

The guidance is aimed at those working on construction and demolition sites, and highlights key information to aid the management of waste on site, including:
The risks associated with hazardous construction and demolition waste

  • Legal obligations in relation to waste management
  • Storage of waste prior to transport
  • Methods for packaging waste for transport offsite
  • Classification of waste streams including waste classification codes
  • Information on how to identify and separate hazardous from non-hazardous waste.

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