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Brexit EHS Regulatory Changes

Despite carrying over some EU legislation into the UK’s domestic legal system, there have been over 200 changes to the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) legislation that may affect your businesses?
Key regulations brought into UK law on 1st January 2021 include:
  • The introduction of the UK REACH as part of UK’s chemicals regulatory regime.
  • New GB Chemicals classification, labelling, and packaging (CLP) regulation.
  • Notified waste shipments from the UK to the EU.
  • The establishment of an independent statutory body – The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP).
If you are worried about managing these changes and looking for additional support? – We can help. At Red-on-line, we track emerging regulatory changes in the UK and across the EU to help businesses identify and anticipate EHS regulations driven by Brexit. If you would like to know more about Red-on-line EHS solutions and learn how we can help your organisation achieve better EHS legal compliance, let’s schedule a quick call.  

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