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A master’s guide to the UK flag – large yacht edition

A master's guide to the UK flag - large yacht edition

This quick-reference guide to UK regulations and procedures was updated on 8th March for electronic distribution, with links to supporting websites and documents.

The guide, from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, mainly deals with issues specific to yachts, such as operations and manning standards, and what to do about them. It is for managers, masters, officers, and owners of United Kingdom registered large commercial yachts. Version 4 updated on 8 March includes the following changes:
  • The content now references the requirements of the REG Large Yacht Code (previously LY3).
  • Contact information for relevant MCA branches has been updated.
  • All references to M Notices and guidance documents have been updated to the latest available versions. Links provided for each.
  • Guidance for Non-STCW Yacht Master licence holders employed as Yacht Ratings added, see paragraph 1.3.2.
  • Additional guidance on training for stewards and persons preparing food in a galley for whom food preparation is not their primary role, see paragraph 1.4.3
  • Requirements for Schedule of Shipboard Working Arrangements added, see paragraph 2.3.
  • Acceptance of electronic records of hours of rest added, see Paragraph 2.4.3 Schedule of Working Hours.
  • Guidance on Statutory Paid Leave added, see paragraph 2.7.
  • Guidance on Shore Leave added, see paragraph 2.8.
  • Accident Reporting changed to Marine Casualty and Marine Incident Reporting. MAIB Contact information updated. Links added for Accident Report Form (ARF). See chapter 9.
  • Shipowner’s Liability and Financial Security requirements added, see Paragraph 10.3.
  • Guidance on Alcohol and Drugs added, see chapter 15.
Sources :A master’s guide to the UK flag – large yacht edition – Maritime and Coastguard Agency, updated 8 March 2022

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