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Plastics Industry guidance [UK]

The Health and Safety Executive has published updated guidance and safety publication documents on its webpage.

The guidance is specifically for the plastics industry and contains variety of updated documents in respect of workers safety and safe practices.


The guidance documents which have been updated are:

•    Fire and explosion risks from pentane in expandable polystyrene (EPS) PPIS (rev1) 2015 •    Safety at injection moulding machines PPIS4 (rev1) 2015 •    Safety at blow moulding machines PPIS5 (rev1) 2015 •    Safety at thermoforming machines PPIS6(rev1) 2015 •    Safety at extruder lines PPIS7 (rev1) 2015 •    Safety at window frame manufacturing machines PPIS8 (rev1) 2015 •    Safety at compression moulding machines PPIS9 (rev1) 2015 •    Safety at granulators PPIS10 (rev1) 2015 •    Safety requirements for plastic sheet and films winders PPIS11 (rev1) 2015 •    How to reduce your hand knife injuries PPIS12 (rev1) 2015 •    Styrene control fibre-reinforced plastics contact moulding PPIS14 (rev1) 2015 •    Reducing the risk of fire or explosion during the manufacture of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) products PPIS15 (rev1) 2015.

For detailed information on the updated guidance refer directly to the individual guidance document for the desired activity.


Plastics Industry guidance published on the Health and Safety Executive webpage on 23rd December 2015.

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