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UAE issues the new Federal Decree-Law on Regulation of Labour Relations in Private Sector

UAE has issued the Federal Decree-Law No.33 of 2021 on the regulation of labour relations in the private sector that will take effect from February 2, 2022.

The decree-law seeks to enhance the elasticity, resilience, and sustainability of the labour market nationwide, as well as ensure the protection of workers’ rights. It places worker welfare and wellbeing at its core, and accordingly, a host of measures have been provided therein to ensure a safe, healthy, and business-conducive environment for all employees in the private sector. The new law seeks to ensure efficiency in the labour market and attract and retain the best talent and skills for employment, in tandem with providing a stimulating and conducive work environment for employees. The law also supports the efforts to enhance the competitiveness of Emirati cadres in the labour market, as well as empower women, enhance the flexibility and sustainability of the labour market in the country, and guarantee the protection of workers.   Source : United Arab Emirates Ministry of labour United Arab Emirates Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation     Rifad Rifad El-Hachem Debek Middle East Legal Expert

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