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Red-on-line ranked 2nd for brand preference by an independent research firm in their Global EHS Leaders Survey 2017

Report Red-on-line is ranked 2nd for brand preference by an independent research firm in their latest Global EHS Leaders Survey in product compliance and EHS regulatory content brands category. The survey involved interviews with senior EHS decision makers who are responsible for corporate-wide EHS management strategies and initiatives among 382 mid-market business (revenue $250 million – $1 billion) in 31 countries. The study includes 20 prominent vendors in the EHS market who offer either the product compliance software, EHS regulatory content, or both. Red-on-line has been ranked 2nd just behind SAP and ahead of Bloomberg BNA, Nearly 10% of the senior EHS decision makers out of 382 interviewed have chosen Red-on-line as their preferred solution provider for regulatory content. According to the survey, Red-on-line is recognized as a trusted brand that offers integrated EHS and compliance solutions to a broad region including Asia, Europe, and North America. The report also mentions Red-on-line in-house capabilities in tracking regulatory changes and highlighting its impact on clients’ operations. “The fact that Red-on-line has been recognized for the first time in an official EHS study, and ranked 2nd as the preferred brand for EHS regulatory content, Confirms the unique expertise of our EHS legal teams and our capacity to provide reliable monitoring process for each client site in more than 83 countries. .” Says Laurent Pitoun, Red-on-line Founder & CEO The report not only showcases Red-on-line’s strengths and capabilities but it also sets out the expectations of the compliance market for the future.

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