Switzerland | COVID-19 | Legal watch: March 2020

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Impact on EHS and Transport in Switzerland due to the fight against Covid-19

Lutte contre le Covid-19: impacts sur l’HSE et le transport en Suisse

In the context of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the Federal Council has taken temporary measures to contain its spread in Switzerland. These are described in the Ordinance 2 on measures to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) (Ordinance 2 COVID-19) of 13 March 2020, which was amended several times in March 2020 to adapt this text to the reality of the spread of the virus in the field. Although this is a public health issue, the measures laid down in this ordinance may however concern EHS and freight transport aspects. You will find below an update on the various impacts of Ordinance 2 COVID-19 as of April 2, 2020. The Ordinance 2 on COVID-19 will apply until 13 September 2020, except for certain provisions which will expire on 19 April 2020.




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