EPA Seeks Comments on Proposed Guidelines for State Program Permitting Requirements for Coal Ash Residuals

In the August 15, 2017 Federal Register the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its interim final guidance for state permitting programs for coal combustion residuals (CCR). This guidance is intended to provide States with guidance on developing and submitting a State CCR Permit Program for EPA approval.

The guidance has four chapters, discussing:

  • An overview of the provisions of the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act;
  • Processes and procedures EPA plans to use to review and make determinations on state permit programs, as well as the documentation EPA will ask states seeking approval to submit;
  • A checklist of all of the requirements of the current CCR rules; and
  • A checklist of those items a state would submit when seeking approval of its CCR permit program.

EPA anticipates that the guidance will be revised as it receives public comments on the interim final guidance.


EPA, Notice, Release of Interim Final Guidance for State Coal Combustion Residuals Permit Programs; Comment Request, 82 FR 38685, August 15, 2017

EPA, Coal Combustion Residuals State Permit Program Guidance Document, Interim Final, August 2017