New Assessment of Repetitive Tasks Tool [UK]

The Health and Safety Executive has published a new version of the Assessment of Repetitive Tasks of the Upper Limbs (ART) Tool (INDG438) on its webpage. This tool is designed to aid in assessing the risk attributed to repetitive moving of the upper limbs (arms and hands) of the body.

Features of the tool

The tool can help identify common factors which increase the risk of causing the development of upper limb disorders (ULDs).

travail répétitif

The tool itself is aimed at those in charge of designing, assessing, managing and inspecting any repetitive work processes. It will help employers reduce the risk by introducing measures to manage and control ULD risk factors. The guide has :

  • a flow chart
  • a task description form
  • a sheet

for scoring the task to determine the resultant risks.

For more information

Please refer to the webpage article and guidance document on the ART Tool (INDG438).

Please note :

The cover page has erroneously not been updated and should read ‘Published 10/15’. HSE will correct this error in due course.

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Assessment of Repetitive Tasks of the Upper Limbs (ART) Tool (INDG438)

The article on Assessment of Repetitive Tasks or the Upper Limbs (the ART Tool) published on the Health and Safety Executive’s webpage on 16th October 2015.

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