Solder Fumes: Information for Employees [UK]

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published Solder Fume and You: An Employee’s Guide’ (INDG248)(rev2) on 22nd September 2015 on its website.

Aim of the publication

The publication aims to give guidance to employees who work with rosin (colophony)-based solder flux, which can cause asthma and dermatitis. It also provides information on safe practices for the workplace and may be informative to employers and other health and safety professionals.

New edition

For this revision, the publication has been updated and includes new images to more clearly outline the different types of LEV available as well as offer assistance to those purchasing LEV equipment.

For more detailed information, please refer to guidance publication INDG248(rev2).

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The guidance ‘Solder Fume and You: An Employee’s Guide’ (INDG248)(rev2) published on 22nd September 2015 on the Health and Safety Executive’s webpage.

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