Occupational safety: MN Department of Health Requests comments on possible amendment to rules governing Asbestos abatement [US]

Asbestos : rule updates and clarification

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has requested comments on possible amendments to rules governing asbestos abatements, as the Department is considering rule updates and clarifications.  The rules would affect:

  • persons who perform asbestos-related work
  • persons who perform asbestos management activities
  • entities that have asbestos related work performed for their benefit

Environmental Health requesting comments

The MDH, Division of Environmental Health is requesting comments on its possible amendments, updates, and clarifications to rules governing asbestos abatement. MDH is specifically seeking input on whether the cost of complying with the proposed rules will exceed $25,000 for any small business or small city during the first year they would be effective.

The amendments include changes to  :

  • the definitions sections
  • requirements for asbestos abatement representatives
  • recordkeeping requirements

The proposal is also meant to improve how training courses are conducted.

Reminder on asbestos abatement

The rules governing asbestos abatement, found in Chapter 4620, were adopted in 1987, with the last major amendment occurring in 1996.  As such, the MDH is seeking to clarify often complex and technical areas of existing rules, edit or delete sections that are inconsistent with other regulations, are outdated, and expand the rules to activities not considered during the 1987 rulemaking.


Request for Comment on Proposal to Amend Asbestos Regulations, Minnesota State Register, 39 MNR 1264, February 23, 2015

Draft Amendments to Asbestos Abatement Rules, Minnesota Department of Health