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Ireland | COVID-19: Recent changes and developments

Set to last at least until the 5th of March 2021, Level 5 continues in Ireland. Here are some of the recent regulatory changes regarding the Coronavirus.
  • Lockdown related measures
Level 5 measures relating to lockdown are currently set to last until 5 March 2021 (SI 29/2021) with possible extensions until April. Only essential work is set to continue outside of a person’s home. Full details of Level 5 restrictions available here
  • Face-coverings
Post offices and Banks are now amongst the list of premises where wearing a face-covering is mandatory (SI 20/2021SI 21/2021).
  • Travel:
The list of high-risk countries, requiring 14 days quarantine after return to Ireland, has been expanded to include 20 countries (SI 31/2021SI 39/2021SI 44/2021). Full list here (Updated on 12 Feb 2021) Covid-19 Pre-travel Tests are mandatory for everyone above the age of 18 (SI 39/2021) entering Ireland. New Passenger Locator Forms now available both online and in paper format (SI 45/2021)

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