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Changes to the RIDDOR reporting requirements! [UK]

The 1995 version Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (‘RIDDOR’) have been revoked and replaced by RIDDOR 2013, which came into operation on 1 October 2013.  The major changes contained in RIDDOR 2013 are as follows: A shorter, succint list of ‘specified injuries’ (Regulation 4 of RIDDOR 2013′) replaces the ‘major injuries’ list that appeared in RIDDOR 1995 – these include: fractures, other than to fingers, thumbs and toes
  • amputations
  • any injury likely to lead to permanent loss of sight or reduction in sight
  • any crush injury to the head or torso causing damage to the brain or internal organs
  • serious burns (including scalding) which:
  • covers more than 10% of the body
  • causes significant damage to the eyes, respiratory system or other vital organs
  • any scalping requiring hospital treatment
  • any loss of consciousness caused by head injury or asphyxia
  • any other injury arising from working in an enclosed space which:
  • leads to hypothermia or heat-induced illness
  • requires resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours
There are now 8 categories of reportable work related illnesses Fewer types of dangerous occurrences that require reporting There are, however ,no real changes to the way in which the following types of incidents are reported:
  • Fatal accidents
  • Accidents to non-workers (members of the public)
  • Accidents resulting in a worker unable to perform their normal range of duties for more than seven consecutive days excluding the day of the accident but including weekends and rest days.
If an accident needs to be reported to the HSE then it can only be done so by telephone or online. The telephone service is only for fatal and major injuries all other incidents must be reported by using the online form. Sources : Press release “HSE unveils changes to reporting requirements” published on the Health and Safety Executive website dated 1 October 2013. The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 Red-on-line EHS Legal Counsel

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