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Welcome to our Head of Product Management

Head Product Management ROL
Head Product Management ROL

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Sabine Lissajoux

Sabine Lissajoux has joined Red-on-line as Head of Product Management. Sabine is responsible for our EHS solutions, global risk management, and compliance platform. Sabine has 30 years of experience in the software sector, including 15 years in operational risk management and 2 years in HSE risk management. As our new leader of Product Management and Customer Care, Sabine is committed to:
  • Strengthening our integration between EHS regulatory content, compliance management, and consulting services
  • Ensuring a personalized experience for international customers
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction
Red-on-line is a very exciting company thanks to its unique positioning as an “all-in-one” software and content provider, its international ambition, and its resources thanks to the support of the Infopro Digital Group“. Sabine   “Sabine is a key piece of the puzzle because she represents the center of our product, which will continue to evolve and deliver a better service every single day. She has identified those improvements in our EHS Solutions and proposed plans to transform these opportunities into realities. This evolution is crucial to our global performance and we are sure that Sabine will guide this through in the greatest way.” Laurent PitounCEO at Red-on-line   About red-on-line: Red-on-line offers a comprehensive solution to manage and control your global EHS compliance and risks. Their integrated offer combines extensive EHS expertise, eight integrated solutions, and an international presence covering over 84 countries and 15 languages. A unique combination of “Content, Software and Consulting” deliver high-value-added solutions to EHS professionals to manage their Regulatory Monitoring, Risk Management, Incident/Event Management, Work Accidents, Waste Management, Audits / Inspections, and Action Plans. Their clients benefit from dedicated local assistance, a tailored web & mobile platform, and a team of EHS experts and consultants who provide quick responses to their questions. At Red-on-line, they analyze and anticipate regulatory changes and their consequences for you and your company. You have the data you need to make better decisions. Learn more on https://www.red-on-line.com/

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