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The US EPA Proposes Changes to Hazardous Waste Ignitable Liquids Determinations

In the April 2, 2019 Federal Register, US EPA proposed changes to the regulations for the identification of ignitable hazardous waste under RCRA and to modernize the test methods that currently require the use of mercury thermometers. The proposals will do the following: update the flash point test methods required for determining if a liquid waste is an ignitable hazardous waste; codify existing guidance regarding the regulatory exclusion in the ignitable characteristic for aqueous liquids containing alcohols and is requesting comment on whether additional changes may be warranted; codify existing sampling guidance regarding waste mixtures having multiple phases when determining whether a waste exhibits the ignitability character; updating cross references to DOT regulations and removing obsolete information; and provide alternatives to the use of mercury thermometers in the air sampling and stack emissions methods. Comments must be received on or before June 3, 2019. Source: EPA Proposes Changes to Hazardous Waste Ignitable Liquids Determinations, 84 FR 12539, April 2, 2019. 

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