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Replacing ozone layer depleting refrigerants with alternatives [UAE]

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Environment and Water raises awareness on ozone layer protection by a regional symposium to discuss next-generation, low-global warming potential refrigerant solutions, as published by news item on their website on 29 October 2014.

By the Montreal Protocol, the production of ozone-depleting substances widely used in refrigerators and air-conditioners, such as CFC and HCFC, has been phased out. Additionally, the alternative to these substances, HFC, is increasingly discussed and many countries have begun to restrict its use.

The Symposium will open the discussion on global dynamic refrigerant policies and assess and promote future alternatives of refrigerants. The ministry of Environment and Water aims, in accordance with UAE Vision 2021 to develop and implement innovative solutions for the use of refrigerants. Measures against the use of ozone-depleting substances are already in place, but the Ministry intends to intensify its efforts to achieve the objectives outlined in the Montreal Protocol (last amendment from 1999).

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Sources :

Publication as news item on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) of 29 October 2014, “Ministry of Environment and Water to raise awareness on ozone layer protection via regional ‘Alternative Refrigerants for High-Ambient Countries’ symposium”.

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