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The US EPA Publishes Final Lists of Manufacturers Subject to TSCA Risk Evaluation Fees

Toxic Substances
On September 4, 2020, US EPA published its final lists of manufacturers and importers subject to fees for the 20 chemicals designated as high priority for risk evaluation under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The lists are significantly shorter than the preliminary lists published in January 2020 due to the March 24, 2020 No Action Assurance memorandum that allowed eligible companies to avoid liability for risk evaluation fees. Companies that are erroneously identified on the interim final lists must contact EPA immediately to avoid inclusion on the final lists. ____________________ Sources: Natural Resources Defense Council v. US Department of the Interior, 18-CV-4596 (VEC) (US District Ct. Southern District of New York, Aug. 11, 2020).  ____________________ Red-on-line provides personalized regulatory monitoring to help you to maintain compliance with changing EHS regulations. Click here to learn more about our software and regulatory update services, and to subscribe to our regulatory update newsletter.

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