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Open consultation on a Smart, Flexible Energy System (UK)

energy system

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published on 10 November 2016 an Open Consultation on Smart, Flexible Energy System – a call for evidence.


The Department and Ofgem are seeking the views of energy industry players, including new entrants, and consumer groups on questions around how the UK energy system could be more smart and flexible.

Government and Ofgem are committed to ensuring the energy system works for people and businesses. A smarter and more flexible system offers significant benefits for consumers and the economy. This can help to ensure the UK has a secure, affordable and clean energy system now and in the future, while helping to enable growth in all parts of the country.

A smart energy system is one which uses information technology to intelligently integrate the actions of users connected to it, in order to efficiently deliver secure, sustainable and economic electricity supplies. Smart technologies will be an important source of future flexibility. ‘Flexibility’ refers to the ability to modify generation and/or consumption patterns in reaction to an external signal (such as a change in price, or a message).

The chapters included in the consultation document are the following:

  • Removing policy and regulatory barriers;
  • Providing price signals for flexibility;
  • A system for the consumer;
  • The roles of different parties in the system and network operation;
  • Innovation.

For more details refer to the consultation document. This consultation closes at 12 January 2017 11:45pm.

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