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Public consultation on the revision of ISO 14001 [Intl]

In a press release issued on 4 July 2014, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced that the revision of ISO 14001 has been made available as a Draft International Standard (DIS) which is now open to public comment and purchase, allowing organisations to prepare for the final publication of the standard at the end of 2015. Anyone with expertise or experience may submit their contributions and comments via their national ISO member body.

The new changes to the ISO 14001 mainly aim to increase the focus on risk management and to improve environmental performance rather than the management system itself.

As a reminder, in May 2014, ISO published online the updated version of the standard ISO 18436 concerning the requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel conducting condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines. The updates concern Part 2 (Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics) and Part 7 (Thermography) of the standard.

Sources : Press release of the International Organization for Standardization “ISO 14001 draft now available for public comment”, 4 July 2014

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