Vaccine Prevention Tests Regulations about COVID-19 (Spain)

The health and economic crisis of the coronavirus has caused changes in our society and in our work environment. In this sense, companies start to make a great effort to adapt to the new normal. Currently, in Spain, more and more companies are submitting their employees to PCR tests (for the detection of coronavirus).


Now, the questions we ask, regarding future vaccines against covid:

  • Is it legal for the employer to ask all its employees to take covid vaccines?
  • Can will the employer be able to require all its workers to be vaccinated against the COVID-19?
  • In the face of job interviews, is the candidate obliged to present a vaccine certificate for covid?
  • But the most important question: what does the Spanish legislation say on these points?
  • Is it okay to take such measures? Can it be considered an adequate contagion preventive action in accordance with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law (Law 31/1995, of November 8, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks)?


Regarding the Prevention of Occupational Risks, we all know that the Federal and State Standards or Laws, in each country, were approved in other times, where social and labor circumstances were totally different. Now, with the new world changes, is there the possibility that the different States have to adapt or modify their legal regulations about occupational health and safety regarding the new requirements with covid-19?


From Spain, legislative changes are foreseen in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. Which our experts are up to date with any legislative modification.


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