EPA Memorandum Addresses NAAQS Review Process

In a press release from May 10, 2018, EPA publicized a May 9, 2018 memorandum from Administrator Scott Pruitt detailing the process for reviewing National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The memorandum explains his “Back-to-Basics” approach to conducting NAAQS reviews, which includes five principles.

The five principles for reviewing NAAQS are:

  1. Meet statutory deadlines;
  2. Address all Clean Air Act provisions for NAAQS reviews;
  3. Streamline and standardize the process for development and review of key policy-relevant information;
  4. Differentiate science and policy judgments I the NAAQS review process; and
  5. Issue timely implementation regulations and guidance.

Pruitt instructed EPA to begin reviewing the ozone NAAQS, with an aim to finalize any revisions by October 2020.  Pruitt also instructed EPA to finalize any revisions to the particulate matter NAAQS by December 2020.

The memorandum asks the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) to consider “any adverse public health, welfare, social, economic, or energy effects” when considering revisions to NAAQS.