Missouri UST Rules Change Proposed

Missouri DNR Proposes Multiple Changes to UST Rules

On September 15, 2016 the Missouri Department of Natural Resources proposed multiple changes to its underground storage tank rules (UST rules), which can be found under 10 CSR 26-2. The general purpose for these rule changes is to make Missouri’s UST rules consistent with the rules required by the U.S. EPA under the 2005 Energy Policy Act and EPA’s changes made in October of 2015.

Specifically, the proposed changes will add or change language found in the following sections of the rules: 10 CSR 26-2.022, 10 CSR 26-2.030, 10 CSR 26-2.031, 10 CSR 26-2.032, 10 CSR 26-2.033, 10 CSR 26-2.034, 10 CSR 26-2.035, 10 CSR 26-2.036, 10 CSR 26-2.040, 10 CSR 26-2.041, 10 CSR 26-2.042, 10 CSR 26-2.043, 10 CSR 26-2.044, 10 CSR 26-2.048, 10 CSR 26-2.046, 10 CSR 26-2.047, 10 CSR 26-2.050, and 10 CSR 26-2.052.


Many of these changes regard new methods of release detection from UST systems as well as requirements for reporting releases and maintaining records of detection. Other important changes regard maintaining and installing improved spill prevention measures.

The Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Commission will hold a public hearing on these rule actions beginning at 10:00 AM on October 20, 2016 at the Elm Street Conference Center, 1730 East Elm Street Jefferson City, Missouri. Any person may submit written comments on this rule action, which can be emailed to heather.peters@dnr.mo.gov or mailed to the Hazardous Waste Program at PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102 and must be postmarked by midnight on October 27, 2016.

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