[UK] Have your say on heavy goods vehicle licence exemptions

The Department for Transport is seeking views on the exemptions for certain types of heavier vehicle from operator licensing rules. Its aim is to make sure that the regulations are fair and support road safety.

Ensuring fair regulations and support road safety

According to the document ” Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Exemptions Consultation (2014)-2“, the proposal is to:

‘remove the exemption covering vehicles falling within the definition of the engineering plant exemption for the purpose of operator licencing that deliver materials as well as processing those materials (this includes volumetric concrete mixers).’ 

Vehicles to be considered by the department of Transport

The Department for Transport estimate that up to 729 vehicles might fall within the exempt HGV classes being considered.

The consultation closes on 5 March 2015 at 11:45pm.

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Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Exemptions Consultation (2014)