Save money through energy efficiency [UK]

The DECC news states “by reducing energy consumption by 1 per cent, big business could save over £250 million on their energy bills annually.”

Launch of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

The launch of the ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) should help larger organisations trim costs on energy by using a detailed energy audit.

ESOS will ensure all organisations that employ 250 people or more, or ‘have an annual turnover of above £40 million and a balance sheet above £34 million’ will have to carry out an energy audit every 4 years with the first audit being due by the 5th December 2015. However the ESOS scheme will not apply to the public sector.

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Exploring options …

At the event the news article is centred on, businesses and charities met with Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey to explore options on how to save money through energy efficiency and championed the new ESOS scheme as the vehicle in which qualifying organisations could do just that.

For remarks from ECC Secretary Ed Davey and Hugh Jones the managing director at Carbon Trust please refer directly to the Department for Energy and Climate Changes website.

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News Article published on the Department for Energy and Climate Change website on 26th November 2014.