Publication of Singapore standards of 9 May 2014 on environmental as well as health and safety topics [SG]

New standards:

  • The test methods on paints, varnishes and related materials include scratch test, Abrasion resistance, exposure to filtered xenon-arc radiation, corrosion test.
  • The standard on hazard communication includes a part on transport and storage of dangerous goods and the globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals adapted by Singapore.

Revised standards:

  • Specification for liquid chlorine

Confirmed standards:

  • For the testing of concrete, for example: Method for determination of static modules elasticity in compression, Methods for analysis of hardened concrete and recommendations for assessment of concrete strength by the near-to-surface tests.
  • Code of practice for lighting of work places, for example: Lighting requirements for safety and security of outdoor work places and outdoors.
  • For the hazard communication: preparation of safety data sheets (SDS)

Amended standards:

  • Specification for hydrochloric acid
  • Code of practice for installation, operation and maintenance of electric passenger and goods lifts
  • Singapore Standard for water efficiency management systems

Withdrawn standards:

  • Methods of test for paints, varnishes and related materials (number SS 5, Parts G1-G4:2003)

Please find the details regarding the standards in the link given below.

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Sources : Publication by the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board in the Government Gazette of 9 May 2014, No. 1080 – STANDARDS, PRODUCTIVITY AND INNOVATION BOARD ACT (CHAPTER 303A), “Singapore standards notification”.

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