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Environment Agency takes a stand on illegal waste (UK)

On 4th of April 2017 the Environment Agency has released a press statement concerning illegal waste.

What businesses and the public can do

Everybody has a part to play to help solve the waste crime problem and make sure waste is managed responsibly. The Environment Agency is asking members of the public to be vigilant; to contact them with information on anything suspicious as long as it is safe for people to do so. Dumping commercial waste like this is a crime. Individuals involved in such illegal activity can be hostile and we would urge members of the public to not put themselves in any danger if they encounter any such activity and to avoid any direct contact with the culprits.

It’s crucial that all businesses understand their duty of care responsibilities for the waste they produce, who they allow to transport it and ultimately where it goes.

Illegal waste sites undercut legitimate business, can cause severe damage to the environment and misery for local residents. Many businesses don’t realise they have a legal Waste Duty of Care and could be committing an offence if their waste is dumped by an illegal operator.

Make sure you know what your legal responsibilities are: manage your waste responsibly

Check the public register to see if a site is permitted or a waste carrier is registered

You could be breaking the law if your waste isn’t managed properly. Visit Right Waste Right Place to help you comply with the law. You can also refer to the Defra waste duty of care code of practice

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