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Egypt issues Law No. 147 of 2021 that promulgates the new Law of Water Resources and Irrigation

Egypt has issued Law No. 147 of 2021 that promulgates the Law of Water Resources and Irrigation, repealing Law No. 12 of 1984, which issues the Irrigation and Drainage Law, as well as any provision that contradicts the provisions of this law.

  The articles of the law were taken into consideration to be balanced and achieve its main objective, which is to improve the management of water resources and achieve a fair distribution to all uses and beneficiaries, the protection of the water resources, the network of watercourses, irrigation and drainage facilities, equipment and properties, torrents of water, facilities for protection from the dangers of torrential rains and drainage networks covered from all forms of invasion, and rational use of groundwater to preserve it for future generations, and the improvement, development and use of modern irrigation systems on agricultural land.   The law also aim to consolidate the principle of community participation by establishing links for water users at all levels involving them in the water system management process and to enhance the possibilities of the private sector participation of the ministry in assuming the responsibilities of management, operation and maintenance of parts of the systems and installations of the irrigation and drainage networks under specific conditions, determining the exact public properties related to water resources and irrigation, in addition to prohibiting any action that affects the natural course of the Egyptian coasts.   Source: Ministry of the Environment   Rifad Rifad El-Hachem Debek Middle East Legal Expert

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