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Brussels-Capital Region: minimum maintenance requirements for type 2 heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems

In order to meet the objectives of reducing the environmental impact of the building sector, the Brussels-Capital Region has introduced a number of minimum requirements that technicians must meet when servicing heating and air conditioning systems. Depending on the type of maintenance, it should be carried out at least once a year. Frequencies for each system are detailed in Appendix 1 of the decree (see source).

Maintenance requirements apply to:

• air handling units
• ventilation networks
• refrigeration systems and heat pumps
• active and passive ventilation systems, except in the case of intake units or ventilation networks

According to the minimum maintenance requirements for these systems, a certified technician must:

• check the tightness of all connections
• check the level of corrosion
• clean the mechanisms
• check filters for wear and clogging
• measure the flow and return temperatures of the circuits
• check that the heat produced is being dissipated
• check water circuits
• check regulation for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems
• check boilers
• check domestic hot water (DHW) heaters.

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