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US | Bloomberg BNA Discontinues EHS Regulatory Update Service

Bloomberg BNA discontinues regulatory updates
Bloomberg BNA discontinues regulatory updates Bloomberg BNA will soon be discontinuing its EHS regulatory updates to its subscribers. News articles, reports, and analyses will continue under the Bloomberg Environmental umbrella. However, customers will lose access to informational e-mails that convey topical and jurisdictional updates to EHS rules and regulations. Red-on-line offers highly specific and targeted communications that help compliance managers get to the point. Each site has a unique legal register that incorporates the equipment, processes, and materials used at the site. The register also considers the site’s location, which allows communications to cover local as well as federal regulations. This extensive personalization filters out extraneous information and focuses only on new and modified regulations that pertain to the site. Sites are then better positioned to modify related compliance activities quickly, accurately, and completely.

Stay Informed to Stay Compliant

Organizations can stay fully informed of EHS regulation changes by switching to Red-on-line before BNA discontinues its service. Red-on-line will provide BNA subscribers with access to legal and regulatory experts around the world along with services, software solutions, and local support in 83 countries and 14 languages. Learn more about reducing risk and staying compliant in a changing regulatory environment with detailed, time-sensitive, and site-specific insights into the latest EHS regulation updates.

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