Environmental Software: Compliance & Management Systems

Environmental Software: Compliance vs. Management System

To assist companies with their environmental compliance, environmental software solutions can help track environmental compliance and manage data.
Environmental compliance is a challenging task – organizations must ensure that they understand their environmental regulations and implement all processes and actions required by the regulations.
To assist companies with their environmental compliance, environmental software solutions can help track environmental compliance and manage data.

Who can benefit from environmental software and management system?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from using environmental management software. Environmental laws and regulations can impact large and small industrial facilities. Facilities are often subject to federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Using environmental management software, facilities large and small can track their environmental impacts and ensure they comply with their environmental regulatory requirements.

How does environmental software work?

The first step to managing your environmental compliance is to identify all applicable environmental regulations. Environmental consultants can help determine regulatory applicability. Once regulatory applicability is complete, environmental software can help manage and track environmental compliance rates.

Environmental compliance software consolidates your legal requirements and operations permits, and is an easy way for you to track your compliance with the environmental regulations. Effective environmental compliance software also permits you to flag any environmental findings and create action plans to correct any findings.

An environmental management information system tracks your environmental data that must be collected as part of environmental regulations or internal corporate requirements. By providing a platform for managing your data, you can ensure that you are on the path to environmental compliance.

Environmental and management software: what does Red-on-line offer?

Red-on-line offers tailored EHS legal registers created through questionnaires and site visits. The EHS legal registers contain the applicable EHS regulations for each facility in an organization.
Red-on-line’s EHS software breaks each regulation down into detailed sections, permitting facilities to track their environmental compliance with each environmental regulation.

Any environmental findings can be addressed within the system by creating and assigning action plans to facility personnel. Our legal watch ensures that you are always aware of changes to relevant environmental regulations and that your legal register is up to date.

Red-on-line can conduct an environmental audit that is delivered within our EHS software, or your internal auditors can use our system to conduct their own environmental audits. By partnering with Red-on-line, you can track environmental data and regulatory compliance on a single platform.

What is a legal register?

A legal register contains your applicable environmental regulations. The register is required for an ISO-certified environmental management system.

What is a legal watch?

Legal watch is the process of monitoring and tracking regulatory updates. It is important to maintain a tailored regulatory watch to filter out only the regulatory updates that apply to your activities.

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